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Helping people to cross the line of faith

The Complete Kit

The Red Zone Evangelism Complete Kit is a four-week, DVD led, training course for helping people cross the line of faith. All the tools you need to implement the training are included in this Kit.

In the Red Zone

A Game Plan for How to Share Your Faith is a comprehensive guide that explains how to help people who are open to Christ, in the Red Zone of their spirtualy journey, across the line of faith.

Free App

No other app exists that makes sharing Christ this easy: interactive, voice narration, Bible and More buttons all combine to make each page clear and compelling, and now it is in 17 languages.


Hear from these senior pastors how the Share Your Faith training program helped get their church back to sharing their faith and why it was made a core class in their School of Ministry.

This Bridge Diagram video explains how to receive Christ, have assurance of salvation and grow closer to Him.

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Our vision is to train believers all over the world to lead people to Christ


Relational Evangelism

How to Share Your Faith With Those With Whom You Have an Ongoing Relationship Relational evangelism is a term I use to describe evangelism that focuses on those with whom you have an ongoing relationship. That could be someone you see at work, someone with whom you work out with at the gym, or someone…
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Divine Circumstances

Sometimes God arranges the people He puts in your path so you can be an encouragement to them. That’s why we need to pay attention to those around us. Last weekend, we were ready to board our flight home from Hawaii when the gate employee asked if we would switch seats with an elderly couple…
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How to Share Your Faith at the Doctor’s Office

We always want to have a positive influence on people for Christ, and we often have an opportunity to do that at the doctor’s office. The doctors and nurses spend their whole day focusing on the patients and their needs, and very seldom does a patient take an interest in them. However, it is so…
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