"In The Red Zone" Testimonials and Endorsements

“If your friends are open to God, ‘How to Share Your Faith’ will give you the confidence you need to lead them to Christ. Kent has done a great job at making it simple, clear and easy to learn. I highly recommend it.”


Lee Strobel

Best-selling author of The Case for Christ


It is often a long journey for someone to come to faith in Christ. But somewhere along the line, someone needs to show him how to cross the line of faith. Kent has done a great job at making it easy to learn. This is a fabulous tool for all small groups.

Steve Gladen Pastor of Small Groups, Saddleback Church, CA

Simply put – this is the most positive and most practical evangelism training in existence. I am praying that God will use it to start fires in our churches that will never go out

Ray Johnston Senior Pastor, Bayside Church, CA

The simplicity of the information, the easy to remember key words, and the opportunities to practice in a safe environment made this material fresh and engaging.

Linda Jones Director of Small Groups, Water of Life Community Church, CA

One of the biggest problems with most evangelism training is overloading the learner with too much information. This training gives enough information and practice to build confidence in sharing Christ.

Michael Risley Executive Pastor, Voyagers Bible Church, CA

“Kent Tucker gives the biblical ingredients of helping us lead a person to make a commitment to Christ. I believe hundreds of thousands will grasp this simple but profound way to take the step.”

Ray Ortlund

Former President, Renewal Ministries


Since the training, our youth group has grown from 30 people to almost 100 over the last few months. Thank you for all your help!

Vince and Nimfa Morales Fairfield, CA

We held a training session with 100 people, as a result a 4th grader shared the bridge illustration with his entire class on the chalkboard. A sales manager at a local auto dealership led a co-worker to faith in Jesus. This was the most effective four weeks of ministry I have ever been associated with.

Jim Woldhuis Chippewa Falls, WI

Everything is to the point without a bunch of fluff and goes a long way toward removing the fear out of sharing Christ. I can’t recommend this material enough. For pastors who are looking for an effective way to equip their people to share Christ, without having to remember a lot of material, memorize large amounts of Scripture, or being scared to death, then this is definitely the material to use. I plan to recommend this to all my pastor friends.

Mike Lightfoot Huntsville, AL

“I’ve been through many personal evangelism training courses, but I was discouraged that my peers had trouble with them and didn’t use them. I came to the conclusion that the best evangelism tool is the one you actually use, and I am excited about this study, because it is so simple to learn!”

Justin Grice Jasper GA

Bishop Craig W. Johnson, TH. D.

Cathedral of Praise Ministries, Rialto CA

Pastor Danny Carol D.Min.

Water of Life Community Church, Fontana, CA