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Football player sitting on a bench on the sidelinesNo question about it: The Great Commission to share the Gospel is one of the primary goals of the Christian life, yet it is one of the most challenging tasks for almost every believer. Its message is straightforward, yet sharing it with others can challenge our deepest insecurities. Fear of stumbling over words, rejection by a friend, or a simple lack of confidence prevents many Christians from even trying. Inspired by his experience at UCLA and beyond, Kent Tucker likens evangelism to many aspects of the game of football throughout In the Red Zone: A Game Plan for How to Share Your Faith. In chapter one, Christians learn how to get off the bench and get in the evangelistic game.

Know the Field

The red zone refers to the last twenty yards of the football field before the end zone. In evangelism, a person who is “in the red zone” is someone who may be sensitive, open, and receptive to beginning a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Usually, that person needs someone who can assist them across the goal line. In In the Red Zone, you will learn to listen for some conversational cues that will help you determine when and how to share your faith.

Practice the Plays

In football, the coach provides his team with plays and strategies that are typically easy to remember during a game. As the team practices these plays and strategies, they build confidence and know what to look for to help them quickly adapt. While there is no game plan that guarantees a score, the basic strategy remains the same and can inch the team further toward the goal. The How to Share Your Faith app presents a very simple diagram of the Gospel message. As you implement some of Kent’s conversational strategies, you can easily show someone a simple visual of how to become a Christian.

Remember, There Is No “I” in Team

While confidence and effective communication can certainly help win others to Christ, evangelism is ultimately not about us or our skills. The Great Commission addresses all of Christ’s followers regardless of their giftedness. In the Red Zone can help you rely on the Holy Spirit as you present the Gospel in a way that builds relationships.

You can get your copy of In the Red Zone online or download the Kindle edition to learn more about how to share your faith today. For small group or church-wide training, be sure to explore The Red Zone Evangelism Complete Kit.

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