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Football on a white line on a football field with the goal posts in the backgroundOnce someone has responded “yes” to the question, “Are you ready to enter a personal relationship with Christ?” a spiritual touchdown is imminent. Opponents can no longer block your assist, and, with God’s help, you will… go… all… the… way! Chapter six of In the Red Zone teaches us how to “go for the goal” as we assist others in prayer to receive Christ.

Be Fully Prepared

Dr. Tucker reviews some acronyms that can help you guide another person in prayer once you are sure they are ready to “cross” over into a relationship with Christ. First, you can share how they can go about accepting Christ (PHL). Second, you will walk them through a prayer (NFC),  and third, you can replay what just happened (ESPN).

Share the Game Plan

When you tell the person how they will go about becoming a Christian, remember PHL: Pray, Heart, Lead.

Tell them, “All you have to do is Pray from your Heart to God’s heart.”

Ask them, “Would you like me to Lead you in a prayer to Jesus right now?”

Assist in Prayer

You can keep the actual prayer very simple, remembering the fact that God sees the person’s heart (1 Sam. 16:7). The seeker’s heart-attitude is the true indicator of accepting Christ; the prayer itself is just an outward way for the person express that to Godprobably for the first timeand acknowledge the decision they are making.

Remember NFC: Need, Forgive, Come. You can encourage the seeker to repeat after you as you pray:

“Lord Jesus,

I need you.

Forgive me for all I have done wrong.

Come into my life and begin to lead me.

I pray this as sincerely as I know how.


Instant Replay

Once the person has prayed, you can replay what just happened with the acronym ESPN: Eternal life, Sins forgiven, Personal relationship, Never leaves.

“You received eternal life.

Your sins have been forgiven.

You began a personal relationship with God.

He will never leave you.”

To help remember the process of assisting someone into a relationship with God, sports fans can remember: The Philadelphia (PHL) Eagles played in the NFC, and their games were broadcast on ESPN. These acronyms can help you remember the essentials to Red Zone Evangelism.

For examples of how to “go for the goal” when sharing your faith, be sure to read chapter six of In the Red Zone. You can order your copy online or download the Kindle edition to learn more about how to share your faith. For small group or church-wide training, be sure to explore The Red Zone Evangelism Complete Kit.

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