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Male patient speaking with a female doctorWe always want to have a positive influence on people for Christ, and we often have an opportunity to do that at the doctor’s office. The doctors and nurses spend their whole day focusing on the patients and their needs, and very seldom does a patient take an interest in them. However, it is so easy to do that because many times you are the only person in the room with the nurse or doctor. This one-on-one time gives you an excellent opportunity to share your faith with them.

I try to take an interest in them and usually ask questions about their job, what led them into that line of work, how long they have been there, what they like about it, and the challenges they face. Once I learn more about them, it’s easy to ask, “When I think of you, how do you want me to pray for you?” They usually share something very meaningful to them, which lets me know how to pray for them and how to encourage them spiritually. Also, if it is appropriate, I pray for them right then. They are always very appreciative of that. And so is God. If they are really busy and not able to talk much, then I honor them by not taking up their time.

Mobile Phone showing the Share Your Faith AppA couple of months ago, I had a doctor’s appointment. The nurse was very friendly, helpful, and easy to talk to. After we talked a bit, I asked the nurse, “When I think of you, how do you want me to pray for you?” She was not sure, so I followed up with, “What’s the greatest point of stress in your life?” “My marriage,” she said. I asked if she could tell me a little more, so she told me that her husband is bipolar and doesn’t take his medication. I told her I was sorry and asked if she had children. She said she did – ages 7, 9, and 11. I asked her about her church background, but she said she didn’t have one. I said, “You really need God’s help to deal with that. His grace and strength, His help in forgiving, and His guidance.” Then I said, “I have an app that explains how to get closer to God. Would you like to see it?” She nodded, so I shared the gospel with her. Then we prayed together as she received Christ. There were a lot of tears.

A few minutes later, I went to the car to get some booklets to help her grow. When I returned, she was sharing what happened with the three nurses she worked with. When I entered, they all turned to me and thanked me for talking to her. I was really pleased to see that she had a support group right there at her work.

What opened the door for that significant conversation was my asking her, “When I think of you, how do you want me to pray for you?” This question can help open the door to allow you to share your faith with them.

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