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There may be an instance where you may have felt the need to share the joy you have found in Christ with others. However, as much as you want to communicate your faith in Jesus, you are afraid to do so.

In this article, I will help you learn some practical tips on how to share your faith with others without fear. I will also share with you an easy-to-use tool that will equip you to communicate your faith with more confidence.

Why do we feel fear in sharing our faith with others?

Sharing our loving experience and faith in Christ can be life-changing for our friends and family. However, even knowing this truth, we still fear stepping out of our comfort zones to talk about our faith.

Before we conquer our doubts and hesitations, we need to know the four kinds of fear that keep us from sharing the word of God. These are:

Fear of rejection

As humans, we have that built-in longing for the approval of others. This fear of seeking validation is a weakness that sometimes leads to making missteps. It is natural to feel fear. But if you feel both fear and faith, what is more, important is our faith getting the upper hand.

The fear of rejection should not hold us from sharing the glory of God.

Fear of lack of knowledge

How To Share Your Faith Without FearWe always pressure ourselves to say things and act perfectly in front of others. This fear of thinking that we do not have enough knowledge to share God’s words is something we should overcome.

It is not up to us to bring people to salvation. We are only the instruments of God and through the help of the Holy Spirit that we can speak and share God’s words.

Fear of offending 

Oftentimes we avoid conflict and thus we choose an easier path. We find it easier to discuss things that we all agree on, or at least pretend to agree.

But is this enough reason for stopping us to share our faith with others? We need to stop worrying about offending others and instead set our priorities that it is in the loving way that we sometimes need to offend others who are in need of a Savior or sanctification.

Fear of ridicule or persecution

Speaking the truth about Christ and our faith in Him creates fear of being ridiculed and persecuted. However, we also need to understand that suffering is normal in this fallen world, believers and non-believers alike.

Suffering from ridicule and persecution does not break our faith. We must face these consequences, which will only be an unpleasant moment at first.

How to overcome these fears?

Learn their spiritual journey

A good way to invite others to God is to first learn about their spiritual journey to fully understand where they are coming from.

You may start your conversation with the person by asking a simple question like, “What is your church?” And from there you will have a better idea about the person’s situation and beliefs.

Another question you can ask is, “When I think of you, how do you want me to pray for you?” This question brings sincerity and care to the person you are talking to and in turn, they will feel relief and trust seeing that you want to invest time in praying for them.

Use a tool for sharing your faith

The good thing about living in the digital age is we now have the available tools to make things easier. If you want to share your faith in Christ, it is easier to introduce this with the use of an app.

You can show the Share Your Faith app to someone who you think needs it. You do not have to fear sharing this app with others as the app itself is full of spiritual words that anyone can easily get access to.

You can easily show someone how the app works by a simple walkthrough on how to use it and the app will explain everything about faith in God.

Embracing Courage in Sharing Your Faith

Remember that God provides us a lot of opportunities to become His witness. But we sometimes say no because of our fears. Doing so is an act of silence. We do not need to be afraid anymore as God promises his help to us.

What we must do instead is to focus our hearts on our strengths and believe that what matters is the presence of God and our faith in Him. We depend that in His power, we will share our faith with others, especially to those who are lost.

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