Posted on: June 20, 2018 Evangelizing, In The Red Zone Book, Prayer, Red Zone, Tips

Football field with players and a 10-yard marker in the foregroundSharing your faith is like a football game. In football, every time the offense gets a first down, progress toward the goal is visibly defined on the sidelines by “moving the chains.”  Little by little, ten yards at a time, the play moves closer to the end zone, and the chances of a touchdown increase. Dr. Tucker uses this visual in chapter eight of In the Red Zone: A Game Plan for How to Share Your Faith to teach us how to help a person move closer to the goal of a personal relationship with Christ. Below are just a few key evangelism tools Dr. Tucker lists on how to share the gospel effectively with others.

1. Genuinely Care When Sharing Your Faith

When sharing your faith, a seeker will be much more open to the Gospel message when they know that you truly care about them as a person. As you seek to understand the person and intently listen to their hurts, desires, dreams, and goals, the opportunity for a deeper conversation becomes more of a reality. If they are not yet close to the “Red Zone” when you are sharing your faith, your authenticity now may come into play in the future. The person will remember your caring heart and your willingness to share your faith, and they may come to you again when they are ready to accept Jesus or when they have more questions. Showing you genuinely care for them is one of the most important evangelism tools when sharing Christ with others.

Mobile Phone showing the Share Your Faith App2. Identify Deeper Needs When Sharing Your Faith     

When circumstances are out of a person’s control, they likely feel the pull for their need of Divine intervention. In fact, several studies have revealed that the majority of lasting adult conversions to Christ are set off by serious life problems. Most people express their deep stress, hurt, or fear in negative ways. Your positive response to the seeker’s admission of these struggles–knowing that there may be a need that is below the surface–can lead to spiritual openness and progress on their end. When you identify deeper needs in the seeker, sharing your faith will feel more natural.

3. Pray When Sharing Your Faith

As Christians, one of our most effective evangelism tools is prayer. As you offer to pray for or with a person who is beginning to seek a close relationship with Christ, you can build the relationship in new ways. When they see that you care enough to take the time to pray with them over their struggles and doubts, it can bring them that much closer to the “Red Zone.”   

For more tips on how to move the chains when sharing your faith, be sure to read chapter eight of In the Red Zone. You can order your copy online or download the Kindle edition of these simple evangelism tools to learn more about how to share your faith. For small group or church-wide training, be sure to explore The Red Zone Evangelism Complete Kit.

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