The Complete Kit

The Red Zone Evangelism Complete Kit is a training course in personal evangelism led by Kent Tucker. The training course features four, one-hour DVD training sessions to build confidence in this easy and effective way to lead others to Christ. His new book, In The Red Zone, focuses on the key principles for identifying people who are open to Christ, initiating a conversation with them and helping them cross the line of faith. All the tools you need to implement this small group or church wide training are included in the Complete Kit.

The Complete Kit: $57.99 + s/h

In The Red Zone - A Game Plan for How to Share Your Faith

By Kent Tucker with Patti Townley-Covert (Paperback)

Kent Tucker’s inspirational new book, In the Red Zone, focuses on the guiding principles of Red Zone Evangelism. It explains how to help people who are open to Christ, in the Red Zone of their spiritual journey, across the line of faith. Loaded with personal stories and discussion questions, this book is a valuable resource for small groups as well as individual reflection.

QTY 1-9: $9.99 ea + s/h

QTY 10-19: $8.99 ea + s/h

QTY 20-49: $7.99 ea + s/h

QTY 50 or more: $6.99 ea + s/h

Kindle Edition – $6.49

Training DVD and Leader’s Guide

Training DVD, led by Kent Tucker, conducts the four one-hour personal evangelism training session for you; leaders simply facilitate the group meetings. The DVD features four training sessions, “how-to” demonstrations, and promo video.

The Leader’s Guide, included with the DVD, takes the guesswork out of effectively planning and facilitating the group training session.

Training DVD and Leader’s Guide: $39.99 + s/h

Participant’s Guide (Paperback)

The Participant’s Guide is fully integrated with the DVD and contains detailed instructions, valuable Bridge Diagram visuals, individual learning activities and practice diagrams for each participant.

QTY 1-9: $6.99 ea + s/h

QTY 10-19: $5.99 ea + s/h

QTY 20-49: $4.99 ea + s/h

QTY 50 or more: $3.99 ea + s/h

Red Zone Bookmarks (pack of 25)

The Red Zone Bookmark is a handy tool for your bible or reading book to keep before you the vision of Red Zone Evangelism—identifying people who are receptive to God, how to lead them to Christ and give them assurance of what God has done in their life.

$4.99 for pack of 25 + s/h

Bridge Cards (pack of 25)

The Bridge Card (business sized card) is a handy tool to keep with you and review before sharing with someone. It is also helpful to give to the recipient after you have explained the bridge diagram.

The Bridge Card: 4.99 for pack of 25 + s/h