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football play x's and o'sAbout 65 percent of the population understands and remembers information best when it’s presented with an image. This is likely why the bridge diagram, which has been used in evangelism for decades, has been so effective. Chapter three of In the Red Zone shows us how to use the free app – or even a simple hand drawing – to lead a person to Christ.

Gauge Receptivity

As discussed in chapter two, we must first gauge the receptivity of the person we are sharing with. When we sense from them that they are open to learning more about a personal relationship with God, we can easily proceed to share our faith. We can start by asking, “Someone showed me a simple diagram that reveals how a person can get closer to God. May I show it to you?”

bridge diagram for how to share your faith

Paint the Picture

Dr. Tucker uses the Bridge Diagram in his training and on his app along with some words that make the explanation more personal. You don’t have to be an artist to draw the stick figures and words that so simply illustrate the Gospel. There isn’t a script to memorize, but remembering just a few key words will help you as you show them the app or your drawing. Dr. Tucker lists these key words in chapter three, along with the simple “sandwich” approach to presenting them.

Ask Concluding Questions

Once you’ve explained the message, you can ask concluding questions that can lead the person from the red zone to the end zone. Simply asking, “Does this make sense?” and “Where are you in this diagram?” can help you ensure they understand so that you can finally ask them, “Would you like to ‘cross over the bridge’ and accept God’s gift of eternal life?” After seeing the illustration along with your genuine approach, most people gladly accept and can be led in prayer.

You can get your copy of In the Red Zone online or download the Kindle edition to learn more about how to share your faith today. For small group or church-wide training, be sure to explore The Red Zone Evangelism Complete Kit.

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