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All the tables at Starbucks were taken, but a young lady named Coleen invited me to share her table. That was very nice. When I sat down I asked her what brought her to Starbucks that day. She said, “To write down some goals for my life.” Great! What motivated you to do that? She said it all started during her fifth year of marriage when she was seven months pregnant. She discovered that her husband was having an affair with her best friend. When she confronted her husband, he became so violent that she ended up in the hospital and lost her baby.

To help Coleen deal with the rejection and trauma, a friend gave her something so she would feel better. That began a 5-year addiction to meth. A court ordered rehab finally got her free, but her boyfriend still used. They were pulled over one day and she was put in jail because associating with a user was a violation of her probation. She was now facing 18 months in prison and really scared. She attended the chapel service and afterward the chaplain asked to see her. He told her that God had revealed her situation to him and that she needed to turn to God with all her heart and ask God to give her favor with the judge.

The next day she stood before a female judge. After the interview the judge decided to allow her back out on probation…something the judge had not done in a year and a half. The judge told her to make some goals for her life, and then report back to her in four months to demonstrate that the judge had made the right decision in releasing Coleen.

The next day Coleen moved out from her boyfriend and in with her parents. The following morning she went to Starbucks to make some goals for her life, and invited me to sit with her. She was very open to God, in the Red Zone of her spiritual journey. I used the Share Your Faith App to explain how she could get closer to God. She prayed right then to invite Christ into her life. Then we worked together to come up with some goals to help her grow closer to Christ and move her life in the right direction. How amazing is God to put us together just when Coleen was seeking Him.

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