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Sharing Life With Others to Follow Christ

Small groups exist as a means for us to engage in communities that will help us be more Christ-like in every aspect of our lives. In today’s blog, I would like to stress the importance of small groups in the formation and development of our character and spiritual growth.

Why Are Small Groups Essential Today?

Why join small groupsHumans are not intended to live alone. And as followers of God, we should not live our Christian life alone. Our strong belief in “one another” can only be felt if we take it into practice by being in intentional, close relationships with each other.
We are called by God to love using a deep, face to face and transformative way.

In this modern time, I can never stress out the importance of small groups especially that we are still in a constant battle with the enemy, Satan. This enemy is real, and he exists until this day. We should never bring our guards down and surrender to the enemy.

By being in small groups of like-minded and loving individuals, we are forming a strong church foundation by continuing Christ’s footsteps. A small group is where people love, forgive, serve, carry each other’s burdens, encourage, pray, speak of truth, confess, and treat each other with love and respect.

Biblical references

How To Share Your Faith Complete KitChrist himself began his ministry with his 12 disciples. He formed this small group so he can love and teach them. He poured himself into relationships with his disciples, setting an example that continued throughout the years.

This small group became the model in forming a community of believers who love God and who love one another. And this has changed the world forever.

The Three Pillars of an Effective Small Church Group

For a life-changing small group to take effect, it must have these 3 ingredients:


Members of small groups should be teachable with God’s words. They should be open to God and to one another. They should also be open to receive counsel from God, His words, and from other members.


Members should be open about sharing their real-life battles to get support from other members.


Confidentiality provides members with a safe environment. This aspect is very important to protect sensitive information from leaking out. Members should understand the commitment to each other by confidentiality, where everything shared with the group stays in the group.

Moving Forward in Unity

In The Red Zone EbookI highly encourage you to join a small group or several small groups, where you can have a positive influence on others and in turn receive the same influence and support that you need to live a Christ-like life.

Just as I have mentioned, Satan is real, and we need to be in a small group to fight this demon by promoting a more positive outlook in life.

We do not go through life alone. God gave us the gift of community and that community can be practiced with small groups. Joining a small group is essential as this will help you thrive and survive in life.

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